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Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™)


HIPAA Training for Privacy: Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Program

A 1-Day HIPAA Administrator Boot Camp

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is about insurance portability, fraud, and administrative simplification. In this 1-Day HIPAA Administrator boot camp we examine the impact of the legislation from the perspective of end users, such as nurses and administrators, responsible for delivering and supporting healthcare related services.

HIPAA Training: CHA™ Learning Objectives

From this Certified HIPAA Administrator™ Training you will learn the following about HIPAA:

  • Overview of the HIPAA legislation and its impact on patients, providers and payment services.

Understand changes that impact patient and medical records.

  • Examine requirements for privacy of patient and payment information.
  • Analyze templates to get started with privacy compliance requirements.
  • Examine key steps such as Gap Analysis and Remediation to initiate Privacy Rule-related projects and activities.

Candidates will know what resources they should access to obtain information and to follow the regulatory process. They will be able to effectively participate in a HIPAA program at their organization. Validate your employees’ HIPAA skills and knowledge as an end user. Get your administrative staff certified as a HIPAA Administrator.

Candidates may take the Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) exam over the Internet through HIPAA Certification Online Web-site.

HIPAA Training: CHA™ Target Audience

End users, nurses and administrators responsible for supporting healthcare related services.

Certification, Exam Fees and Course Pricing


HIPAA Academy™ allows class members one year from first registered class date to make up a course that can not otherwise be attended. No monetary refund is available.


HIPAA Academy™ welcomes all complaints in order to satisfy and improve upon all training services provided.

For more information regarding administrative policies such as refunds and complaints, please contact our corporate office at +1.877.899.9974 x23 or

CHA™ Study Kit

1) Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Study Guide
2) HIPAA Quick Reference Cards
3) Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Exam